The Best Fight You Never Saw: Ricardo Williams Jr. Vs. Anthony Lenk


On Saturday, September 8th 2012, watching the undercard fight I sat stunned. No, not by the knockout that Andre Ward delivered to a beaten Chad Dawson that virtually no one saw coming outside of the Ward faithful. No, the fight that dropped my jaw and made me remember why I love fighting so much was an undercard fight between Anthony Lenk and Ricardo Williams Jr. Yes, there was a loser in this fight, but god damn – if any good undercard could sneak on the main card, this should have been it. Especially, after DeMarco stopped Molina in under a minute.

For those who have been saying the MMA, or the more common term *cough brand cough* “UFC” have deeper more stacked cards may be more wrong than ever. Yeah, the undercard had its stinkers.Especially Malik Scott putting a slow technical fight together to stay undefeated. Lenk and Williams was everything a fight should be minus a marketing push or build up in video packages. In the era of digital media and 24/7sports shows, it seems odd that there is so little marketing of the undercard fights. For that reason it almost seems as though boxing’s undercards are worse than MMA, when truly they may just be not as well hyped.

I am writing about this fight to celebrate Anothny Lenk and Ricardo Williams Jr. who traded exchanges in the ring as though they were dancing partners. When one would hit the other hard, it was a mere obligation for the other to hit even harder. The fight had everything a fan could dream about. I was denied my parking pass and had to show up late to the event because of BART’ing (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to the event. After sitting in multiple wrong seats and constantly getting in peoples’ way, I witnessed this gem of a fight which is destined for folklore amongst boxing nerds such as me.

What made this fight so good, you might ask? It was the simple fact that both men came to fight. In a day in age, when fighters wish to protect their records or fight a fight that best suits them to win. Too many fighters aren’t thinking of the enjoyment of the crowd. These two men provided a sparkplug of a fight; an electrical current ran through the ring and eventually shocked the whole audience. When both men traded hard hooks to the chin and continued, we mortals in the stands had no other choice but to stand and applauded. I could break down the fight, but that would discredit the nature of it, though Ricardo Williams Jr. should be viewed as a great fighter. Keep an eye on him after this win. Anthony Lenk should be brought back as well as he stood game with another great fighter. I am left with the feeling a great fight leaves inside you, I was in awe. I would like to give great congratulations to Anthony Lenk and Ricardo Williams Jr. for the best fight that you never saw.

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2 Responses to The Best Fight You Never Saw: Ricardo Williams Jr. Vs. Anthony Lenk

  1. lesli casal says:

    Thank you so much for that article. Anthony Lenk is my son and we sso appreciated that it was hard to come back to Las Vegas with that loss and try to explain to people that even though he lost the fight that he. Really did well with a bit more pressure or two morr rpunds might have pulled it out. It was originally contracted for 8 but time constraints forced it to 6. It was by far. In my opinion the fight of the night. Thank you so mich for relating it so well. God bless the fight nerds og the world!!!

  2. Oldschool!! Thats how we train! I’ve got a converted southpaw in the Marvelous Marvin Hagler tradition! The only mistake we made was thinking Ricardo was washed up. Anthony doesn’t usualy press the attack but we only had 6 rnds. Ricardo was brilliant! But if we would of had 2 more rnds. the ending would have been different. Keep an eye on Anthony Lenk! The BEST is yet to come!!

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